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AFSP Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: What are the delivery and pick up schedule dates for this year’s display holidays?

Holiday Date in 2018 Approximate Delivery Date Approximate Pick up Date
Memorial Day May 28 May 26-27 May 29-31
Flag Day June 14 June 10-13 June 15-16
Independence Day July 4 July 1-3 July 6-7
Labor Day Sept 3 Sept 1-2 Sept 14-15
Patriot Day Sept 11 Sept 1-2 Sept 14-15
Veteran’s Day Nov 11 Nov 7-8 Nov 13 -15

Question: Is the cost $50 per holiday?
Answer: No! The cost is $50 FOR THE YEAR!! Buy two, or three! Gift one as a gift!

Question: My neighbor on the next street has their flag, but I don’t have mine. What’s going on?
Answer: Our volunteer teams are each assigned a separate delivery route and they work within their available times to deliver all the flags on their route within the date ranges listed in the delivery and pickup schedule. Your neighbor on the next street is likely in a different delivery route. However, you can always send us an email or call us.

Question: How can I learn more about Kiwanis and becoming a member?
Answer: Please visit our website at or contact one of our members.

Question: Is anything attached to my house?
Answer: No. A plastic PVC pipe is installed in the ground, even with ground level. When a flag is not being displayed, the PVC pipe is capped.

Question: Do I own the flag that is displayed on my property?
Answer: No. The Nashville Kiwanis Club retains the ownership of the flags. The American Flag Subscription Project fundraiser is an annual subscription based service.

Question: How can I be sure that you won’t damage any of the underground utilities on my property?
Answer: We always request details from the property owner prior to the Nashville Kiwanis Club installing the ground socket on your property.

Question: How will the flag be mounted in my yard?
Answer: We will drive a steel or PVC ground socket approximately 6 inches into your lawn, approximately 2 feet back from the curb. We then place the flagpole into the socket. This creates a firm base that is durable for the short time the flag will be placed there, and that can easily be removed with minimal impact to your lawn. When the flag is not placed, a protective cap will cover the socket below the surface of the lawn so it does not interfere with sprinklers or lawn mowers.

Question: Can I choose where the flag is placed in my yard?
Answer: We will try to place your flag in line with your front door, approximately 2 feet back from the curb. If you would prefer a different specific location, please indicate this on your order form or when you are contacted by confirmation email when your subscription order is received. If you have irrigation or an electric pet fence that will be affected at 2 feet back from the curb, please indicate this on your order form so we can be aware of it.

Question: How can I find the ground socket if I remove the flag in order to cut my lawn?
Answer: The ground socket will have a red cap on top, flush with the ground.

Question: How do I renew my American Flag subscription the following year?
Answer: The Nashville Kiwanis Club will automatically send you a renewal invoice for the upcoming display season before the expiration of your annual term unless you notify the club in writing that you wish to discontinue your subscription. Renewals can be made for multiple years if desired. Please try to use email and our website!

Question: Who do I make my check payable to?
Answer: The Kiwanis of Nashville Foundation. Please include the address which the subscription is paying for.

Question: Is my American Flag subscription amount tax deductible?
Answer: It should be but you will need to consult with your tax adviser.

Question: Can I pay by credit card?
Answer: Yes, if you sign up via our website or provide the necessary information (name on the card, card number, expiration date, CVV2, and billing address) on the completed form.

Question: Do I have to use the website to sign up for an American Flag subscription?
Answer: No. You can download an order form from our website and then follow the instructions of where to mail or email your payment and order form, or request an application by phone.

Question: Who do I contact if I have a problem with my flag?
Answer: You can send us an email using the support link on our website or by making a phone call to one of the contact points listed on the support page.

Question: Can I give an American Flag subscription as a gift?
Answer: Yes. You can give as many subscriptions as you like as a one-time or annual (renewing) gift.

Question: Can I sponsor my whole street with an American Flag subscription?
Answer: Yes. You can sponsor a whole street!

Question: Can I volunteer to help with the American Flag subscription program?
Answer: Yes. You can! Please contact a Nashville Kiwanian to become involved, or send us an email.

Question: What is the service area for the an American Flag subscription service?
Answer: Our American Flag Subscription Program service is open to most residents that live within Davidson, Rutherford, Sumner, Williamson and Wilson Counties.

Question: I can't enter my order on your website. It says "ERROR". What should I do?
Answer: We apologize. We are experiencing some minor web hosting issues during certain times of the day. You can either try back later or download a copy of our order form.